Privacy policy

Privacy policy
  1. Personal Information We May Request.
  • When registering on our website, we ask you to provide personal information such as your email address.
  • All the details you entered, including your full name, wallet number, payment card details (card number and expiration date), are saved on the site.
  1. Why do we need the information we have received?

All data that you leave on our website can be used to:

ensure and organize the efficient, uninterrupted operation of our applications and sites and provide users with all the necessary services and information;

  • organize the activities of the technical service;
  • perform internal analysis that will help improve the performance of our sites, increase the efficiency of the services provided;
  • regularly send customers marketing information about new products, offers and services of our service in accordance with applicable laws;
  • to maintain quick feedback with the administration of the service, for example, on the issues of password recovery in case of password loss;
  • promptly identify, respond and prevent fraudulent activities in relation to our service, services or applications.
  1. Who else can use your data?

Our service guarantees complete confidentiality of your personal information and keeps your data from disclosure to third parties. Disclosure of personal information is allowed only in cases provided for in the current legislation, for example, by a court order, or, if necessary, to protect a person from illegal, fraudulent actions. If our business is restructured or sold, along with it, your personal data will be transferred to the receiving company.

  1. Use of cookies

The service uses cookies.

The Service has the right to use data collection systems and analytics systems of third parties (third parties) on the website in order to improve the services provided and the quality of the website. The data collected by such systems is used by them in accordance with their regulations.

These are small text files that are sent by the site to your personal computer. Thanks to this, all your actions on the network are recorded (remembered). Thus, with the help of cookies, our website automatically saves any preferences and interests of users, on the basis of which in the future we actively develop various improvements for more efficient and high-quality operation of our applications and website. The client can independently disable the use of cookies. To do this, you need to go to the browser menu and disable this feature in the "Options" tab. Please note that if you disable cookies, some features of our site may not be available.

  1. Security measures

The administration of the service takes the most effective measures aimed at guaranteed protection of your personal information. Using specially developed procedures, we significantly reduce the risk of fraudulent activities and illegal access by third parties to your personal data, preventing their disclosure. However, we cannot 100% guarantee that violators will not find a loophole to abuse your personal information. Therefore, we recommend that users keep their personal account passwords in a safe place and do not reveal them to third parties. If your password has been used by a third party and you become aware of this, please immediately report the issue to us so that we can protect your account.