Rules of exchange with our service

Agreement on the use of the TipTop obmen service and AML verification

1. Terms and definitions of the Agreement.

1.1 TipTop obmen is the name of the service for the exchange of electronic currencies, is a trademark.

1.2 Service - a website that provides services on the Internet for the sale and purchase of electronic and fiat currencies.

1.3 User - any individual using the services of the "TipTop obmen" service.

1.4 Payment - transfer of electronic and / or other currency from the payer to the recipient.

1.5 Rate - the value ratio of two electronic currencies when exchanging them.

1.6 Partner - a person who attracts new users to the TipTop obmen Service, in accordance with the rules of the service.

1.7 Application - information submitted by the User using the means of the Service, in electronic form, indicating his intentions to use the services of the Service on the terms proposed by the Service and specified in the parameters of the application.

1.8 Card verification is the verification of the card"s ownership by its owner. The conditions for verification of belonging are established by the Service.

2. Introduction.

2.1 This agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) describes the terms and conditions on the basis of which the services of the "TipTop obmen" Service are provided. By starting to use the services of the "TipTop obmen" service, the user agrees that he has read and agrees with all the rules of the Agreement. The current version of the Agreement is located for public access on the website of the TipTop obmen service and may be changed by the Service Administration unilaterally without notifying the User.

2.2 In situations where, under the terms of the current legislation of the country in which the User lives or other agreements, the User cannot use the services of the Service, then the use of these services by the User is prohibited by these rules and will be recognized as illegal.

2.3 The Service undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of information about the User and his operations on the service, and can also provide confidential information about the client only at the request of authorized state bodies, officials or representatives of Payment systems, if there is a legal basis for that.

3. Subject of the Agreement.

3.1 The subject of this Agreement is the provision of services to the User by the TipTop obmen Service for the purchase or sale of electronic and fiat currencies and other services provided on the service.

4. Rights and obligations of the parties.

4.1 General.

4.1.1 Service TipTop obmen is not responsible for the consequences of incorrect operation of the service and for mistakes that the user made during the operation of the service.

4.1.2 In a situation where the exchange is completed and the funds on the application have been sent to the details specified by the client, it is not possible to cancel the application and return the funds.

4.1.3 The service is not responsible for losses incurred due to the inoperability of the equipment on the user"s side.

4.1.4 The Service is not responsible for the client"s financial losses due to translation delays.

4.1.5 The Service is not responsible for delays on the side of service providers (exchanges, financial institutions, payment systems).

4.1.6 The user confirms that he has a legal basis for the disposal of the funds used in the exchange.

4.1.7 The Service is not responsible for blocking user accounts when transferring to the details of the Service or receiving funds to their details from the Service.

4.1.8 The exchange service does not reimburse the funds spent on paying the commission when transferring to the details of the Service.

4.1.9 If the User has clicked on the "Create an application" button, then he agrees with all the clauses of this agreement.

4.1.10 The Service does not provide videos, screenshots, photos and other information on translations.

4.1.11 The exchange is considered completed after the transfer of funds to the details provided by the user.

4.2 Service undertakes:

4.2.1 Provide the Client with electronic money exchange services in accordance with the rules and regulations of this Agreement.

4.2.2 Provide the Client with the necessary technical assistance and advice.

4.2.3 Maintain accurate statistics on discounts and referral charges of Clients.

4.2.4 Take all possible and available actions to prevent attempts of illegal trade, financial fraud and money laundering using the services of the Service.

4.2.5 Keep confidential and not disclose to third parties information on exchange operations, as well as personal data of Clients.

4.3 The user undertakes:

4.3.1 Provide correct and reliable data on the website.

4.3.2 Comply with the terms of this Agreement.

4.3.3 Do not violate the current legislation of the country in which the client is located by exchanging on the TipTop obmen service.

4.3.4 When registering, indicate your correct email address.

4.3.5 In cases where the data in the application is incorrect, contact the administration of the service by mail with the provision of information that the administration will request. It is necessary to carry out correspondence from the mail indicated in the application.

4.3.6 In the absence of receipt of funds and / or partial / incomplete receipt of funds to the client"s details, contact the Service administration no later than 30 days from the date of creation of the application. Otherwise, funds will not be credited.

4.3.7 Do not use the service and its functionality for illegal purposes, in order to hide income and evade taxation, as well as illegal profit.

4.3.8 Use your account on the service alone, without providing access to your personal account to third parties.

4.3.9 Make a transfer to the service details independently, without involving third parties. Including it is forbidden to create exchanges on other exchange services indicating the details belonging to the TipTop obmen service.

4.3.10 The User undertakes to guarantee that at the time of any interactions with the Service he has reached the age of majority, in accordance with the legislation of the country where the User is located.

4.4 The user has the right:

4.4.1 Use the services of the service if they do not violate the terms of this agreement.

4.4.2 Receive technical and informational support of the service in matters related to the operation of the TipTop obmen service.

4.5 The Service has the right to:

4.5.1 Suspend the service for a technical break, notifying users on the site.

4.5.2 Change / delete / add exchange directions, edit the payment method for each direction.

4.5.3 Online regulate the exchange rate on the website in all directions.

4.5.4 Request documents confirming the client"s right to own the wallet used in the exchange.

4.5.5 Restrict the user access to the service in cases of violation by the user of one or more clauses of this agreement.

4.5.6 Change / delete / add the list of provided services.

4.5.7 Refuse the user to provide services with an explanation of the reasons.

4.5.8 Request documents confirming that the user made the transfer on his own, without the involvement of third parties.

4.5.9. The service can process an application in which the destination tag is not specified or is incorrectly specified. In this case, the client is responsible for the absence of the tag and its correctness.

4.5.10. In any case, when a refund is made, a commission of 5% is withheld, except for paragraph 6.5.

5. Provision of information:

5.1 The user confirms that he indicated reliable data during registration. The specified data will be used to inform the client, as well as for communication.

5.2 By default, notifications are sent to the email address specified during registration.

5.3 The Service has the right to notify the user of important changes in the operation of the Service, at its discretion, by sending a notification to the email address specified during registration.

5.4 The user can contact the service around the clock via chat, or write a letter to the email address provided in the Contacts section.

6. Personal data.

6.1 The TipTop obmen service has the right to collect, store and process personal data, as well as other data used by the user when interacting with the services provided by the service.

6.2 The Service has the right to transfer the received data to third parties for the purpose of executing this Agreement, as well as in cases where this is required by the current legislation, when contacting law enforcement agencies.

6.3. Online addresses of wallets participating in transactions on the Service undergo automated AML verification. 

6.4. The Service has the right to request a procedure for identifying the User"s identity in the event that the online address specified by the User may have a connection with the following terms:

  • Illegal Service;
  • Mixing Service;
  • Ransom;
  • Scam;
  • Stolen Coins.
  • Fraudulent Exchange;
  • Darknet Service;
  • Darknet Marketplace.

6.5. At the moment when the connections are established, after passing the personal verification by the User, the funds will be returned to the sender"s details (minus a commission of 10%).

7. Force majeure.

The parties are exempt from liability for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of the Agreement, in cases where this was caused by force majeure circumstances. Such circumstances include war, natural disasters, fire, decision of the authorities, terrorist attack, riots, power grid failure, lack of access to the Internet. Also, force majeure includes situations when the processing of an application cannot be fully completed due to the incorrect operation of third-party services (PS, banks, exchanges).